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Cowichan Bay
Cowichan Bay

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Mandarte Island

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Fishing at Bamfield
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Hornby Island

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Beacon Hill Park

Ferry boat passengers
On the ferry looking at Hornby Island towards Fords cove.
The Thatch Pub
Notice the walkway on the beach, it used to be on top of the pilings. The storms of 06/07 smashed it apart.
Water front pub
The Thatch is located right next to the ferry dock at Buckley Bay, it is Hornby's only pub.
rock formations

boys fishing with net
Lazy summer days

Sandy beach
Low tide at Tribune Bay
Highish tide at Tribune Bay

On a cliff looking down

Maple leaf

Grassy bluff
The trail along the bluff at Helliwell Park.
People on a cliff

There are many deer on the Island, they flourish with no natural predators.
dock at twilight

The Hornby Ferry tied up for the night at Buckley Bay.
Shingle Spit
This shot was taken at sunset on Shingle Spit on Hornby Island looking across the water at Denman Island with the Mountains beyond of Vancouver Island.
Hornby Island
Hornby Island is located on the South side of Vancouver Island about a third of the way up travelling northward. From the mainland it takes three ferries to get there. You have to cross to Vancouver Island and then to Denman and then take the ferry from Denman to Hornby. Hornby has a world famous reputation as a kind of artist's hideaway.
The island's geography, which is part of its appeal, is almost as diverse as the local residents. Some are retired and have homes that are used only in the summer months. There is a core group of year round residents who manage to make a living by doing whatever it takes to live in this unique location. Tourists flock here in the summer expanding the population from 1300 or so to over 5,000 when it peaks. There are campsites, bed and breakfasts and cabins to rent. Reservations are a must in the summer months.
The Hornby Island COOP is a good place to visit. You can get a feel for the locals by checking out the outdoor mall set up there. The COOP is the largest and only complete shopping center on the island, although there is a small store at Fords Cove. Whenever I visit the COOP I like to take the time to read all the notices posted on the bulletin boards by the main entrance. The whole "COOP experience" kind of reminds what it would have been like in medieval times when people traded and used things they have made or their neighbours have made. When you glance around many of the locals can be seen chatting to one another catching up on the local gossip no doubt.
Tribune Bay "The crown jewel of the island" is a beautiful crescent shaped beach with acres of white sand. When the weather is good everyone vacationing on the Island flocks to the beach making it hard to find a place to lay your blanket, especially if the tide is high. The water is nice for swimming. You can actually dive in and swim around for awhile. The water in the bay does not get all churned up by the tide due to the central location of the Island in relation to its position to Vancouver Island. I have swum in the water at Sidney Spit at the south end of Vancouver Island it is absolutely shocking when you get in. At Hornby though it is quite comfortable and I always enjoy the increased buoyancy saltwater provides.
If you are in to hiking at all you should visit Helliwell Park. The trail is about 5 kilometers in length and is fairly easy to walk. It starts in a stand of old growth Douglas fir and then emerges onto the grassy bluffs next to the ocean. The bluffs are very high to begin with but descend as you follow the trail. Eventually you can get down to the water edge. There are some great spots to cast from if you're into fishing.
Hornby is a great place to go and has lots of things to do and see. It is a good place to relax. I like sitting on the beach at Tribune watching the yachts come and go while sipping on a nice cold drink.