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Humpback Whales
June 28, 2008

We headed out early Saturday morning for Beecher Bay. It was a gorgeous day, we launched at about 7:30 am. The water for the most part was calm, the flooding tide caused some turbulence around the far side of Beechy Head. There were a lot of boats out there, I saw two fish caught we did not catch anything.

We did however spot some Humpback whales. This was a first for me, I have seen Orcas many times but never Humpbacks. I had my camera so I was able to get a few pictures, in hindsight I should have wound up the gear and followed them. It is challenging trying to get pictures of whales, they dive and you have no idea where or when they will surface. I was scanning the water with my camera ready, when they come up you here them first, as they exhaust their air. By the time you get the camera pointed in the right direction (in a rocking boat) and focused they are on their way down again. Next time if there is a next time hopefully I will get some better shots.

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